Squares #7: Rachel, Bloc 11

by Jess Bean on November 22, 2010

Tell me a story. A story about clothes. Call it a “yarn.” Make it real good, and full of Dickensian personages and plot twists and surprises in the basement.


“So I’ll start from the top-bottom. This hat, this bright orange hat. We thought this was our housemate’s hat; who had a bright orange hat forever and then lost it in our house, and that’s when we realized we needed to clean our house, because we couldn’t find a bright orange hat in the house. And apparently she ended up finding it, and it’s not this one, but anyway.

“This scarf was dyed by my roommate’s mom, who is a seamstress / awesome person.

“This dress I bought at the dollar-per-pound place.

“This jacket is the most interesting story of this whole outfit. My dad’s friend bought a house in Pennsylvania. The woman who lived there before was kind of bordering on being…off. She would hardly ever wash her clothing; she would just buy new stuff and when she moved out — she’s still alive — she left everything. All the furniture and closets and closets full of retro, ’60s and ’70s clothing. Some men’s, but mostly hers. My dad came up to visit and dumped ten trash bags of this vintage clothing on us. It was in our basement. Our hot water heater wasn’t working — it was on full capacity because it was surrounded by plastic trash bags! People were falling asleep on it. We were trying to figure out if we could sell it. Most places we talked to said, ‘Oh, we only take 50 pieces.’ I was feeling lazy so we ended up just taking eight trash bags, which ended up being a full truck-load, and dumping it all in a Planet Aid box. Actually, we filled three Planet Aid boxes.

“These shoes I just found in the house, and they fit me!”

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