Squares #1: Jon & Jon, Wine & Cheese Cask, Washington Street

by Jess Bean on August 9, 2010

I met these two Representative Men on Washington Street in Somerville. They’re two guys with the same name with two different takes on the classic Band T-Shirt meme.

Jon: “We don’t really live in Somerville. We just practice here. We’re in a band, Easter Bloodhounds. We’ve been in the Phoenix.”

Jon: “We just came here to get beer.”

Jon, of Easter Bloodhounds, with beer. Tee-shirt by Black Flag.

Jon: “I got this shirt off the Internet.”

Also Jon, also of Easter Bloodhounds, with Gatorade. Tee-shirt by Mayhem.

Jon: “I got this at show in Worcester.”

Jon: “No, man, it was in Providence.”

Jon & Jon don’t live in Somerville; they just come here to rock.

If you, like Jon, are a fan of the beautiful Black Flag / Raymond Pettibon flyer and tee-shirt designs, check out punkflyer.com.

If you, like Jon, are a fan of wearing tee-shirts purchased at concerts, you might want to read these dated, offensive, yet classic, rules on wearing band merch, (from the anti-Fred-Durst era of Modern Rock) see: Rules of Rock and Rules of Audiences of Rock.

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